Coaching to permanently enrich the practice of all

physical practitioners. Professional dancers, athletes,

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physiotherapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers...

▶︎ You are or have been enthusiastically involved with your own body through dance, exercise, sport, therapy or a similar embodied field?

▶︎ You are already passionate about the moving body

▶︎ You are continuously curious to expand your movement knowledge and experience

▶︎ You find yourself frequently inspired by performance and video of movers, athletes, dancers or sports professionals

▶︎ You have some specific or advanced movement goals that you would like to attain (eg. handbalance presses, acrobatic improvisations, flowing floorwork )

▶︎ You feel that movement speaks to you. It's an important feature of your life.

Your ideal approach is coaching for


Does this sound like you?