Everyday I work online with people who want to expand their movement practice to become more versatile, fluid and expressive movers.

Online Training is designed to quickly and enjoyably help you to improve your movement practice - by sharing with you the most valuable, relevant aspects of my own training and experience.

We always meet at your level and work from here. You can train online in two ways: the Floorwork & Acrobatics Basics Course or Online One-to-Ones. See below.



World-class training in fluid acrobatics and floorwork now available to access from anywhere in the world, via the Floorwork & Acrobatics Basics Course.

This is an in-depth 12-week training course hosted on the Martial Movement Arts online platform.

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 The session takes place live in your home or studio space. You set up your phone, ipad or laptop so that we can work live together in the space, allowing me to talk you through, demonstrate, and offer feedback as we work, just as we would in-person.

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