Begin a new journey into movement exploration

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Working with new movers we take people like you, with little or no previous experience and teach you a new movement-focussed approach to physical training. You can start at any time, any age, any walk of life, with no experience.


Through mobility challenges, games, and one-to-one partnerwork and movement-tasks you will learn a new approach based on freedom of movement and adaptability. Along the way you will increase your fitness, flexibility and focus through committed training - growing your confidence as you notice regular progress.

If you’re unsure about trying movement training for fear of injury, embarrassment, or any other reason, then join us as a new mover. 
We will always create a safe space for you to become confident in new ways.

Still curious? Read the Interview with Matt 

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▶︎ You want to be more comfortable in your body - stronger, fitter, more flexible and more mobile?

▶︎ You want to reconnect with your body in a more wholesome way?

▶︎ You want to get active and in better shape but find the gym boring and don’t stick with things?

▶︎ You want to stop feeling tired, lazy, low energy or older than you are?

▶︎ You like the idea of Movement Freedom but don't know where to start?

Does this sound like you?

Your ideal approach is coaching for