The intention in all BODY ROOTS workshops is to empower the movement practitioner by offering perspectives and tools of physical practice drawn from the worlds of movement, meditation, yoga, dance and acrobatics.

All workshops begin from the starting point that it is a natural and wholesome human drive to feel empowered and satisfied through movement.



Workshops share 3 common themes:

  • The belief that movement can be a meditative, conscious practice. All workshops are based on the premise that movement and meditation sit well together.

  • The belief that a sound and sustainable physical practice will address physical mechanics (technique & ‘how’) and will offer reasons to undertake such mechanics in the first place (benefit and ‘why’)

  • The idea that the way we live and the way we move are not entirely separate. Personal physicality and personal empowerment can support one another, and an embodied physical practice will resonate with the practitioners life.

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