Matt works in two fields:

movement coaching - with an emphasis on locomotion, floorwork & soft acrobatics

• wellness coaching & stress management

As a movement coach, Matt works with people who want to expand their movement practice to become more versatile, fluid and expressive movers. And to develop a sustainable embodied practice which works for them.

As a wellness coach, he works with people from all walks of life who want to reduce their stress-levels, have more energy, and live a balanced life.

In both cases coaching is designed to quickly and enjoyably help you achieve your goals - by sharing the most valuable, relevant tools from my own training and experience. We always meet at your level and work from here.


"The world needs more embodied people, and that is what Matt is helping to create... Matt is an incredible dance acrobat and teacher. His offering is really unique in that his approach comes from a grounding in meditation and embodied movement. Not just teaching the skills - but developing for people a practice that is both therapeutic and empowering."

Alex Allan, International Aerial Rope Teacher