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Coaching is a unique journey for the individual.

We meet as you are in the moment, and we explore what emerges in a guided, structured conversation.

A space is held to understand your current situation, your intentions, your feelings and hopes. Our trajectory is guided by my varied toolkit of tried-and-tested tasks, questions & provocations. 

We use these to explore together the landscape of your practice, to unpick disempowered stories, and to step into new ways of seeing, feeling, and being. I’ll make practical suggestions for how to integrate this learning into your life on a daily and weekly basis, so you can begin to feel immediate change in your practice.

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The nature of all my coaching is conversational, though I begin most sessions by leading a short physical grounding practice for us. This helps set a tone for listening, receptivity and learning and enriches our session. 


From here, we simply start talking around your physical practice. Where appropriate I guide us through specific tasks, for which you need only a pen and paper.

What does a session look like?

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As a coach I work with:


  • teachers, coaches and embodiment professionals

  • professional athletes & professional artists, including dancers, musicians & singers

  • passionate hobbyists & somatic explorers​

  • lovers of movement who feel somehow ‘stuck’, uninspired or burnt-out​

  • practitioners needing support with particular aspects of their embodied practice or teaching practice​

  • physical practitioners looking to reset their movement mindset​

  • Anybody who feels called to devise a physical practice for themselves

Who I work with

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